To Blow the Whistle or Not to Blow the Whistle : That is the Question


Youth Financial Literacy will host its second annual Ethics Competition right here in Bakersfield on

Tuesday, October 28 at Cafe Med from 5:30-8:30 pm.

Embedding_Ethics_in_Engineering_Education-heroEthicsWhat is an ethics competition you ask? Imagine a poetry slam mixed with trivia night, throw in a little bit of philosophy for spice, and Viola!  You have a fun, thought-provoking, sometimes wise-cracking, shindig of a time!

This year’s topic will concentrate on Business Ethics and Whistle blowing, loosely based on the scenario created by famous whistle blower Cynthia Cooper of World Com.  In fact, just two short weeks before the competition she will be speaking at CSUB.  See article here. 

So, how does this all work?  We gather a maximum of 8 teams of 2-4 members each and bring them together where they will each get asked randomly drawn ethics questions.  They will have a set time to collaborate with their teammates and then one representative will step up to the mike to impress the panel of judges with his or her amazing, well designed, and mind- blowing answer!  It’s a great place to take all those opinions you have but don’t know what to do with.  AND, if you and your team are able to score enough points to take home the winning trophy, you will have bragging rights for an entire year!

Last year’s returning champion will be there defending their title and will need some stiff competitors to shake them up!

Team registrations cost $150, are tax deductible, and go toward the Youth Financial Literacy scholarship fund.



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