The Winner’s Circle

Congratulations!  You have won a $500 scholarship… WHAT NOW?

How to Claim your Scholarship:

You must provide written verification of you admission status from a college, university or trade school.  The check will then be made payable to the school you will be attending and sent to that school’s financial aid office in your name.  If you prefer to use the funds to cover your on campus housing expenses let us know and the check will be made payable to the campus housing department if applicable.

Remember to submit this information by the deadline provided to you.

This year’s deadline is June 21, 2014. 

You may mail the information to Youth Financial Literacy PO BOX 2684, Bakersfield, CA 93303.

You may also email us at

BEST WISHES!  Please contact us if you have further questions or will be registering at a later date for school.

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